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About Ellen

aka The Radical Radish

With 10 years of experience in the sustainable agriculture and small-food-biz world, I have found my niche. Doing the things that other people don't like to do. I find it as satisfying as that game Mouse Trap. Build a system & watch it work: exhilarating! 

My experience comes from working with farms, brands, and non-profits like McEvoy Ranch, 80 Acres Body Care, Preserve Farm Kitchens, Little Apple Treats, Live Oak Farms, the Urban Environmental Policy Institute, Fair Trade USA, and Green America. For more info on all that hop on over to Linked In. 

My goal is to support those who make & grow good food because:

I believe in community;

I believe that we can steward the land; and

I believe that eating food made with passion and conviction can change the soul.

A proud New Jersey girl, I now live amongst the cows and chickens in Petaluma, CA. I’m equal parts get-it-done east coast power house and make-it-awesome soulful Cali creative.

I help people formulate and design great products and create systems that make production, marketing, certification, and sales effective and efficient.


I help turn a concept into something you can put on a shelf; an idea into a plan of action.

I've been honored to teach workshops with: