How can you bring down costs while staying true to the quality of your product?

When you are small, products can cost more than most customers are willing to pay.

At times it seems its impossible to look good AND stay affordable.

But there are ways to benefit from economies of scale at any size.

Heres an  examples:


Little apple treats

Apple Cider Caramels

This is the box we started with. Dan & Joanne really liked their boxes, but they had to individually construct each base before filling it with caramels and then sliding it into the sleeve. This cost them time and, therefore, money.

They wanted to stay consistent with their overall brand and make the box more luxurious. Yet quantities were on the low side.

How did we lower costs while raising quality?

By moving to a pre-printed box we were able to reduce packaging costs and increase their razor thin margins. The labor savings were so great that we could use nicer paper and add foil accents.


trio box GFA winners.png

Moral of the story:

You can find ways to capture some economy of scale no matter what your size or budget. It just takes some creative thinking.

Don't believe me? I put together a one-page worksheet to help small businesses find ways to bring down their label costs.

Try it on your own product.

I put together this worksheet to help small food businesses bring down their packaging costs.